Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spencer McKay: Some questions answered...

Hello sweet friends and family,

Here are a few of the details everyone has been asking for. Hopefully these things can bring a bit of closure and comfort.

Spencer's death: It is important for you to know what happened. These are the facts and what we know. Spencer McKay died on base at Fort Campbell, Monday, November 9th. He was found lying beside his car at 10 pm. After the investigation was held, it was concluded that he had taken his own life. He took a few bottles of a certain medication and his mortal life was ended.

Note: As a sister, I knew McKay very well. We were best friends since his birth. He and I were only 22 months apart, and we shared a very healthy relationship. The last conversation I had with him was very tender... he shared some recent military successes, he spoke with my fiance for the first time, he gave some marital advice, we shared a few tears, and I told him I would talk to him very soon and we would see each other very soon for my wedding (in December). I mention this so you know, McKay was the most loving, most imaginative, most amazing boy I have ever known. He gave his whole heart to everyone; he just had trouble knowing how to show himself the same love.

Memorial Service and Funeral: There will be a viewing and funeral held in Pleasant Grove, Utah on Saturday the 21st. The following Tuesday (Nov. 24th), there will be a memorial service held in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri. More details will be provided soon for those who can attend.

Second Note: I would give anything for a little more time with my little brother, but I am confident that he is now able to find the help and the love that he needs. Thank you for the love you've shown, both for Spencer McKay and for his family.

Love always, Becky


  1. Thanks for sharing updates. We sure love you guys and hope McKay has found peace.

  2. Becky,
    Thank you so much for sharing this sad news with us. We loved Spencer and feel a profound loss knowing he has gone on. I am searching for the words to share this with Jason, but am still at a loss. Hugs to you and your sweet family.
    Kathy Hansen...I'm using Bill's blog

  3. Dear Becky,
    How brave and sweet you are for sharing this with us. Life gives us so many trials, and sometimes, it just gets too hard to handle. I am confident because of the GREAT sealing power of our loving Father in Heaven, you WILL be with your sweet brother again. Do not EVER doubt that.
    Heavenly Father loves us way too much to ever deny that from us. I hope you and your family will find the sweet peace you will need. Please give your family our love.
    Barry and Anne Page

  4. You, your family, Clint, and McKay have been in our prayers numerous times each day. We love you all so much and sure love McKay! We are excited to see you all this week to celebrate his life. What a wonderful joy we was and will continue to be to all of us.
    Love you!