Friday, December 12, 2008

Tender Mercies...

This past week has been full of small, but tender, mercies from the Lord. Ranging from a miracle in the testing center to inspiring guidance from a friend to special cousin time... As a conglomerate whole, these tender mercies have strengthened my testimony ten fold of Heavenly Father's awareness of His children and our Savior's love for us.

Special thanks to my sweet roommates who have been such a tremendous support through a semester full of ups and downs, to my family- both here and there- for your unconditional love, and to both Brother Goodman and Profe Cluff- who will never see this- but I am nevertheless incredibly grateful for the spirit they brought into their classrooms this semester.

To my fam: I've decided to study Spanish! I wanna go live in South America, possibly Senior year, and finish my studies there. Yay for making up my mind... finally.

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