Saturday, December 13, 2008

LaBeouf vs La Buff

Shia LaBeouf... I just spent 2 hours of my Friday night/ Saturday Morning watching Shia LaBeouf overcome his greatest weaknesses and insurmountable odds to become a hero in yet another of his action-packed suspense films. Awesome movie- Eagle Eye- But you know what I was thinking about the entire time Shia was trying to save the nation from annihilation? My little brother. For some reason, I can't see Shia's face without seeing my brother's. And their personalities... rebel, seemingly wihtout a cause, but with a deeper meaning, misunderstood, loving, tragically heroic, ultra-manly yet ultra-sensitive, tough-guy exterior, impulsive, cuddly,... This has both made and ruined every Shia LaBeouf film for me. I wanna hug him everytime he comes on the screen. But it grosses me out, almost puts me on the defensive, when he kisses someone (Ya, the make-out scene in Disturbia wasn't quite as aluring for me as it was for many). But it hit me in a rush of unexpected, dare I say unwonted, emotion tonight that I miss my brother more than I can explain. I want to protect him. I want him to be my little buddy like he use to be. I want to hug him and talk with him like there isn't a huge gap separating us. I want him to know I love him... and I will always be his older (but now much smaller) sister. We may not always agree on what happiness is, but he will never be denied happiness from me. Sorry little bro, if I ever let you down.


  1. If that doesn't touch, I don't know what ever could!

  2. Hey Becky, We are thinking about you...
    Love ya,
    Kevin and Jackie