Monday, December 15, 2008

The Best Concert... Ever...

"I waited my whole life to feel like this... Comparing the dream to how it is..."
-Divide Me

So Saturday, December 13th... Good day. Roommate temple trip in the morning for Kristen Palmer's half-birthday (thanks Kristen!), a little nap, "Elf" with the girls, study session with the always handsome and charming Jesse Keyser and Dusty Price, a trip to SuperHispano, and then---Kalai.

Here's the thing about Kalai... he's a musical god. Not that I worship him; that's blaspheme. No, I admire him- hugely. David Curtis, future renowned Marriage and Family Therapist and fellow Kalai fan, was generous enough to get me a ticket for Chrsitmas and take me along with him. He low-fived Kalai as we walked through the door; we claimed our spots on a rug about 3 yards from the microphone; we enjoyed the opening acts on our backs, and by the time the man himself performed, we had kifed a bean bag. Thoroughly enjoying. The man had me rolling with laughter, clinging to every word, every note, every pluck of his guitar... phenominal.

"Just know that if you're tiny I'm gonna put bullets in your hiney!"
-Like to Kill Small Animals

Kalai's music definitely has a strange affect on me. I forget that time exists; I lose touch, momentarily, with reality; for a few hours anything is possible. And then the show ended. I reluctantly gave up my perch on the little red bean bag and walked out into the snowy Utah night. But car-skiing ensued. The night was spent in terrific company (thanks Beater and Johnny Boy!), and life was good.

The moral to the story... Kalai. Familiarize yourself with his music. Check out his compilation of LDS hymns (reggae style). Go to his next concert. Love him. ;)

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