Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Viewing, Funeral, and Memorial Service Information

Spencer McKay's Viewing and Funeral Service will be at the Olpin Mortuary at 494 S 300 E, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062 Viewing: Friday, November 20, 2009, from 6—8 PM; Funeral: Saturday, 11:00 AM with public visitation starting at 9:45 AM; Internment: East Lawn Memorial Hills Cemetery, 4800 N Eastlawn Dr, Provo UT; Luncheon for family and close friends immediately following (about 1:45 PM) in the Cultural Hall of the LDS Chapel at 500 South on 600 West, Orem, Utah. Memorial Service: Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 7:00 PM at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1401 South Henke Road, Lake St Louis, MO 63367.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spencer McKay: Some questions answered...

Hello sweet friends and family,

Here are a few of the details everyone has been asking for. Hopefully these things can bring a bit of closure and comfort.

Spencer's death: It is important for you to know what happened. These are the facts and what we know. Spencer McKay died on base at Fort Campbell, Monday, November 9th. He was found lying beside his car at 10 pm. After the investigation was held, it was concluded that he had taken his own life. He took a few bottles of a certain medication and his mortal life was ended.

Note: As a sister, I knew McKay very well. We were best friends since his birth. He and I were only 22 months apart, and we shared a very healthy relationship. The last conversation I had with him was very tender... he shared some recent military successes, he spoke with my fiance for the first time, he gave some marital advice, we shared a few tears, and I told him I would talk to him very soon and we would see each other very soon for my wedding (in December). I mention this so you know, McKay was the most loving, most imaginative, most amazing boy I have ever known. He gave his whole heart to everyone; he just had trouble knowing how to show himself the same love.

Memorial Service and Funeral: There will be a viewing and funeral held in Pleasant Grove, Utah on Saturday the 21st. The following Tuesday (Nov. 24th), there will be a memorial service held in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri. More details will be provided soon for those who can attend.

Second Note: I would give anything for a little more time with my little brother, but I am confident that he is now able to find the help and the love that he needs. Thank you for the love you've shown, both for Spencer McKay and for his family.

Love always, Becky

Monday, December 15, 2008

Why Life is So Wonderful...

and then I get to go home and see my family and know why life is not only wonderful but why eternity is wonderful...

The Best Concert... Ever...

"I waited my whole life to feel like this... Comparing the dream to how it is..."
-Divide Me

So Saturday, December 13th... Good day. Roommate temple trip in the morning for Kristen Palmer's half-birthday (thanks Kristen!), a little nap, "Elf" with the girls, study session with the always handsome and charming Jesse Keyser and Dusty Price, a trip to SuperHispano, and then---Kalai.

Here's the thing about Kalai... he's a musical god. Not that I worship him; that's blaspheme. No, I admire him- hugely. David Curtis, future renowned Marriage and Family Therapist and fellow Kalai fan, was generous enough to get me a ticket for Chrsitmas and take me along with him. He low-fived Kalai as we walked through the door; we claimed our spots on a rug about 3 yards from the microphone; we enjoyed the opening acts on our backs, and by the time the man himself performed, we had kifed a bean bag. Thoroughly enjoying. The man had me rolling with laughter, clinging to every word, every note, every pluck of his guitar... phenominal.

"Just know that if you're tiny I'm gonna put bullets in your hiney!"
-Like to Kill Small Animals

Kalai's music definitely has a strange affect on me. I forget that time exists; I lose touch, momentarily, with reality; for a few hours anything is possible. And then the show ended. I reluctantly gave up my perch on the little red bean bag and walked out into the snowy Utah night. But car-skiing ensued. The night was spent in terrific company (thanks Beater and Johnny Boy!), and life was good.

The moral to the story... Kalai. Familiarize yourself with his music. Check out his compilation of LDS hymns (reggae style). Go to his next concert. Love him. ;)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

LaBeouf vs La Buff

Shia LaBeouf... I just spent 2 hours of my Friday night/ Saturday Morning watching Shia LaBeouf overcome his greatest weaknesses and insurmountable odds to become a hero in yet another of his action-packed suspense films. Awesome movie- Eagle Eye- But you know what I was thinking about the entire time Shia was trying to save the nation from annihilation? My little brother. For some reason, I can't see Shia's face without seeing my brother's. And their personalities... rebel, seemingly wihtout a cause, but with a deeper meaning, misunderstood, loving, tragically heroic, ultra-manly yet ultra-sensitive, tough-guy exterior, impulsive, cuddly,... This has both made and ruined every Shia LaBeouf film for me. I wanna hug him everytime he comes on the screen. But it grosses me out, almost puts me on the defensive, when he kisses someone (Ya, the make-out scene in Disturbia wasn't quite as aluring for me as it was for many). But it hit me in a rush of unexpected, dare I say unwonted, emotion tonight that I miss my brother more than I can explain. I want to protect him. I want him to be my little buddy like he use to be. I want to hug him and talk with him like there isn't a huge gap separating us. I want him to know I love him... and I will always be his older (but now much smaller) sister. We may not always agree on what happiness is, but he will never be denied happiness from me. Sorry little bro, if I ever let you down.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tender Mercies...

This past week has been full of small, but tender, mercies from the Lord. Ranging from a miracle in the testing center to inspiring guidance from a friend to special cousin time... As a conglomerate whole, these tender mercies have strengthened my testimony ten fold of Heavenly Father's awareness of His children and our Savior's love for us.

Special thanks to my sweet roommates who have been such a tremendous support through a semester full of ups and downs, to my family- both here and there- for your unconditional love, and to both Brother Goodman and Profe Cluff- who will never see this- but I am nevertheless incredibly grateful for the spirit they brought into their classrooms this semester.

To my fam: I've decided to study Spanish! I wanna go live in South America, possibly Senior year, and finish my studies there. Yay for making up my mind... finally.

Without music, life would be bland...